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Miroslav Wagner born on 2nd August, 1942, in Prostejov.

1964 – 1969
Studies at the Faculty of Arts at Palacky University in Olomouc His interest grows in typeface and typography.

1970 – 1974
Works as a lecturer at the Museum of Czech Literature in Prague. Designs a number of posters for exhibitions and films.

Starts living and working in Germany.

Stays in Venice. Produces a series of watercolours of Venice.
In the  autumn of 1984 he meets Walter Koschatzky at the Albertina, Vienna. The purchase of one of his watercolours for the Graphic Arts Collection encourages him to carry on using consistently this kind of technique.

Obtains German citizenship on March 5th. Wins first prize for his illustrations for a new Czech primer. The panel of judges is led by Jirí Kolár. The designs are recommended for publication.

The State Austrian Publishing House (Österreichisher Bundesverlag) commissions him to illustrate the new Czech primer Máma, táta, já a Eda. Ceská abeceda. (Mum, Dad, Eda and I). Collaborates with the author Jirí Grusa.

Máma, táta, já a Eda is published, and is introduced
at the International Book Fair in Frankfurt. In Paris, he meets Jirí Kolár. He works on etchings for a collection of designs issued in Revue K., Paris

Starts collaborating on graphic designs for the German Opera on the Rhein (Deutsche Oper am Rhein) in Düsseldorf. Designs a new series of theatre posters and programmes.

Works as a senior lecturer in graphic design and typography at TERTIA Düsseldorf, Akademie für Werbung und Kommunikation

Returns to the Czech Republic.


Retrospective at the Museum of Prostejov and its Environs in Prostejov.

Public Collections

Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague
Museum of Czech Literature, Prague.
Municipal Museum, Mons
Albertina Graphic Arts Collection, Vienna
Raiffeisenbank Zell/Mosel
Moravian Gallery, Brno
Ján Koniarek Gallery, Trnava
Museum of Posters, Warsaw
Municipal Collection, Prostejov
The Collection of Czech serigraphy, Ostrava

Private Collections

Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Austria


1987  First prize for illustrations for a Czech primer
2000  First prize for a poster criticising right-wing
          radicalism and intolerance.